How to Add Location to Photos and Videos on Instagram

The feature Geo-tagging enables you to add geographical information to your photos and videos. You have to enable this feature in your Instagram account. If it is enabled, only then you would be able to add location to your photos.

add Location InstagramIf you are using an iPhone, that would be more convenient because you just need to enable this feature and whenever you capture pictures, it will automatically add location to them. Once you enable it, you do not need to add a location manually in every photo or video you are going to share on Instagram. For iPhone, you should go to “Settings”. Here you will find a category “Privacy” where you will see an option “Location Services”. Turn this option “ON” to enjoy Geo-tagging feature.

Sometimes, it happens that you want to add the location to the photos you have already shared on Instagram. It is not a big task anyway. Find below a handy step-by-step guide to performing this task conveniently.

Go to the “Settings” of your Android device. The first thing you need to do is to enable the Location settings. When you scroll down the Settings menu, there will be a “Personal” category where you will find out “Location” option at the top of the list. Click this option to open its setting.
Location optionIt will show you a few apps for which you can enable this option. You can also see Instagram in the list. It should be “ON” to perform a further action.
Location enabledNow open your Instagram account. It will show you the photos you have shared. Tap the photo where you want to add a location. At the bottom of the picture, there can be seen an icon consists of three small circles lie vertically next to the Like and Comments. Tap that icon.
Image settingsIt will show you a few more options now. You need to click “Edit”. This option enables you to edit the info of Photo and its description.
Edit photoThere will appear “Add Location” feature right above the image. It should be clicked to move further.
Add Location featureNow you can add a location according to your photo. When you type the site in the Search bar, there will appear some suggestions below. You can select the option place about the location to add to your photo.
locationsOnce you select a suggestion, it will show you appearing on your image. Now tap the “Save” option at the top right corner of your window.
Save locationThe image below illustrates how the location of your picture will appear now.

You see! How easy and convenient it is for you to add a location on Instagram photos. You can practice it and can add a location to different pictures to show more efficiency on Instagram.
Location added