How to Integrate Instagram to Facebook

It is a known fact that when you are using a social networking site for your professionals showcase, it will get wider exposure because you are not only going to get connected with the Facebook community but also Instagram, the unlimited number of users. You can get rapid popularity for your brands and businesses while remaining in touch with the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, etc. Hence, being a professional individual, you would be well versed that it is vital to use social networking platform to get greater exposure. You can get this exposure by connecting your Instagram account to Facebook.

For this purpose, you need to create your business page on Facebook because every product you promote on Facebook can also be shared on Instagram and vice versa. If you are not the admin of the page, you cannot perform this action. By adding your Instagram account to the Facebook page, you would be able to create ads for Instagram, and you even do not need to link your account on Instagram with Business Manager.

Steps to Add Instagram to Facebook

Open your Facebook account and go to your Page that shows your professional activities. Say! I am a photographer, and I want to promote my photographs and natural scenery. So, my Facebook page shows all of my recent pictures of fascinating Nature around me. When you open your page, Click “Settings” that lies at the top right corner of the page.
Facebook Page settingsIt will display all of the features in Settings. Here, in the left pane, you will see a category “Instagram Adverts” at the bottom of the list. It should be selected to move ahead.
Instagram Adverts Feature in settingsWhen it is open, there will be an option “Add an Account”. Click on this option because you can run your Facebook advertisements on Instagram by making a few clicks. You do not need to waste a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram advertisements separately.
Instagram Adverts settingA dialogue box appears with two different options. If you are already using an Instagram account, you should click the radio button before “Add an existing account” and give your Username and Password you use to login into Instagram. If you are a new user on the Instagram platform and you want to create an account, you should click the option “Create a new account”. This option will take you to another page where you need to provide the require information regarding your email ID and password to create an account. Once you have selected the right option, click “Confirm” that lies at the bottom of the dialogue box.
Connecting Instagram accountThe next window will confirm that you have successfully created your Instagram. Now you will be connected to the people on the Instagram platform in a better way. It will provide your business your desired exposure.
Instagram Account added