6 Tips on How to Edit a Video

If you ever filmed a video before, you’ll know that it needs to be edited because it will have some mistakes. Once you have edited it, the video will be shorter without all the unwanted scenes that you don’t want the audience to see. If you want your video to appear edited professionally, you need to follow an organized approach in the editing process. The following are 6 tips on how to edit a video.

1. Organize Your Media

The first step is to check your video camera for the clips that you have recorded. You are to import all the clips that have the scenes you want into your computer. If there are similar clips, you can choose the best clip with the least flaws for importing into your computer. To keep your clips organized, you’ll need to label them accordingly to reflect the scene that you have shot.

If you have recorded your background music or taken any background photo, you can also organize them into different folders so that you can easily add them to the timeline in the video editor. If the video clip can help you in any way at all, you should not delete it. You may find it useful for use in creating your video afterwards.

2. Import Your Clips into the Video Editor

You can import one footage at a time, playing back each and marking the part that you want to use by dragging the red marker line. You can press Del to delete the part or click on the trimming tool to delete it. Once you have trimmed your clips, you can rearrange the clips according to their sequence in the timeline.

If you don’t know how to trim a video, you can watch the video tutorials on YouTube. You simply search for “program name + trimming” on YouTube to find the tutorials. You will need to replay the footage after rearranging them to see if there is anything you need to correct. For example, during playback, you find a long pause that you forgot to trim off just now. Now, you can use the trim tool to trim it.

3. Correct Coloration in Video

You will need to perform color correction if the video color does not look right. Color correction will make the video look as natural as possible. You can balance the color of your clip by adjusting the coloration sliders in the video editor. You can get a rough idea on how your output video should look by using the auto-enhance feature.

If you want your clip to have a more intense color, you can drag the saturation slider to the right. If you want your clip to be black and white, you should drag the saturation slider to the left. You can add a sepia tone to your video by dragging the temperature slider to the right. You can drag the temperature slider to the left if you want your video to look as if it is taken at night. You should adjust the brightness slider if your video is underexposed/overexposed.

4. Add Transitions to Video

You can add transitions to your video to improve it if you find it dull. You simply need to stick to 1 – 2 transitions to prevent your video from looking unprofessional. Different transitions can add a different mood to the clip. Transitions like mix, crossfade and dissolve can add a relaxed feel to the clip. They can also be used to indicate there is a passage of time. Fade to black/fade from black are classic transition effect commonly put in the beginning and end of a movie. Wipe transition is available in many patterns like straight line and shapes. Wipe transition can be used to distinguish the shots in the video.

5. Add Text to Video

You can add text for any information you would like to include in your video. The most important thing to remember is that the text must be easy to read for the eye. Ideally, you should use standard fonts like Ariel. You’ll need to adjust the text too big enough for people on the mobile screen to view.

6. Export the Video

The last step is to export your video and upload it to the video-sharing platform. If you use an online video editor, you will have to download the video you edit to your computer. The editor may give you the option to upload your video directly to the video-sharing platform like YouTube and Video. However, you will want to first download a copy to your computer just in case.


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