16 Best Windows 10 Themes you can Download for Free right now

Windows 10 has been in the market since long, and it is pretty much awesome in its display and features as compared to all previous version of Windows. The month, in which it was launched, there weren’t too many themes available on the Microsoft store. However, after many months, there have been major updates in the features of Windows 10. One of such features was the addition of some beautiful and eye-catching Windows 10 Themes.

So, today I thought of sharing 16 Windows 10 themes that have been the top picks from the Official Microsoft Store. Have a look at these stunning Windows 10 Themes. They are absolutely FREE to download.

16 Best Windows 10 Themes

1: Waterfalls Theme

Waterfalls Theme Windows 10 Pingzic.com

Waterfalls are always an enticing view of the nature. This one reflects the canyon creeks, and streams rushing through the mountains. The green algae in the river gives a very strange, yet mesmerizing color to the river. It could be a glamorous theme for your Windows 10 Desktop.

2: Forests Theme

Forests Theme Windows 10 Pingzic.com

Love being around nature, and its beauty? Then the forest theme is all that you need on your Desktop. The dapple sunlight falling on the purple blooms and cutting through the tree trunks looks splendid.

3: Autumn Color in Japan Theme

Autumn Color in Japan Windows 10 theme pingzic.com

Japan is a beautiful country, and so does are its mesmerizing views. Fill your screen with the maple leaves on the stones covered with moss, along with veranda overlooking the venerable old garden.

4: NASA Hidden Universe Theme

NASA Hidden Universe Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

I’m a big fan of space, planets, universe, etc. and if you are also an enthusiast of heavenly objects then this Universe Theme by NASA will surely force you to set it as your desktop background. This image was taken by the NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, and it’s outstanding.

5: Community Showcase: Natural Landscapes 3 Theme

Community Showcase: Natural Landscapes 3 Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

This humungous rot outcrops and the gigantic and eye-popping waterfalls behind are simply a gift by the Mother Nature. This view was captured by one of the globe-trotting community contributors of Microsoft.

6: Decking the Halls theme

Decking the Halls Windows 10 theme pingzic.com

I love this theme for its strange beauty that quite often forces me to change my desktop background. You can decorate your screen with the colorful ornaments and golden ribbon along with the burning candles by downloading this theme for free.

7: Angry Birds Theme

Angry Birds Windows 10 theme pingzic.com

AH! By now, there would be hardly any person on this planet who has a smartphone and hadn’t played angry birds. But, some are crazy! Especially the kids. So, here are lovely little angry birds waiting to rest on your computer’s desktop screen.

8: Forza Motorsport 4 Theme

Forza Motorsport 4 Windows 10 Theme Pingzic.com

So, here were are with some multiple themes for car lovers. These are from the top-rated racing games Forza Motorsport 4. You’ll be thrilled with the driving experience when you play this game for the first time. Well, enjoy even more having a theme on the background.

9: Austin Botanical Garden Theme

Austin Botanical Garden Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

This beautiful image is the masterpiece of photographer Amy Alderman, who captures the vast range of vividly colored blossoms, blooming in the gardens of Zilker Botanical. Make your background appear gentle and beautiful with this free theme.

10: Bees Theme

Bees Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

Just as above, this image of a flower and Bee was captured by Photographer Mayur Kotlikar who lives the close-ups of bees whenever they are extracting nectar from the flowers. Download this colorful theme for free today.

11: Swedish Spring Theme

Swedish Spring Windows 10 Theme Pingzic.com

This one is the best of all. It is from the far northern wilderness of Sweden in spring with this magnificent tree that appears magical. Download this theme featuring the golden fields, delicate blossoms, and the rushing rivers.

12: Tulip Festival Theme

Tulip Festival Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

I couldn’t resist sharing this theme because of its elegant beauty and the charm. Thanks to the photographer Thiyagarajan Swaminathan, who traveled to Albany New York’s tulip festival and captured this stunning moment.

13: Snowy Night Theme

Snowy Night Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

Been wishing to have such a beautiful house in snow? Well, check out this stunning snowy night theme from the hushed grandeur of the forest, having a magical mystery of its own. The background is breathtaking, and the house roof covered in snow looks glamorous.

14: African Wildlife Theme

African Wildlife Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

Love being closer to the animals? Well, here is a pack of 14 images with different wildlife animals including an elephant, lion, leopard, and many others in Kenya. You can pass the exhilarating beauty of these African animals on your Desktop.

15: Cats Anytime Theme

Cats Anytime Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

I’ve always loved cats! Though the naughty minds concealed behind the innocent eyes, yet they are very cute animals. So, download this theme pack of 10 images of cats in different modes. Some are yawning, a few napping, lounging, peeking, etc. Total images in theme=10

16) Community Showcase: Fauna Theme

Fauna Windows 10 Theme pingzic.com

This theme with 21 images has some of the most adorable animals of the world with innocent faces. It includes the giraffes, dolphins, snakes, foxes, peacocks and more. Download today!

I do hope guys you liked all of the themes shared. Do leave your feedback in comments, and let us know which theme you loved the most. For more themes, please visit the Official Microsoft Theme Page.