Winner Of 1 Million In The Lottery He Spends It All At The Casino In The Evening

Poker, Night, Sign, Cards, Play, FunA man’s gambling addiction causes him and his family to lose a million dollars. What is more, this Chinese resident in New York is in excessive debt, a situation that has forced him to flee his creditors. However, everything had started well for this dependent player since he had won a jackpot in the lottery. Chef by trade, Zou Bingsheng with his wife Liu had planned a promising future with this money. Sadly, Zou’s addiction to games ruined everything.

A million dollars squandered on casino games

A Chinese player by the name of Zou Bingsheng won a prize pool of one million dollars in the lottery in 2009. This man, a New Yorker, bought his $ 20 lottery ticket and in return he won the jackpot. Zou Bingsheng worked as a chef. As a result of this tremendous luck, he and his wife Liu made plans for the future such as acquiring a hair salon and a Sushi restaurant.

Zou, a compulsive gambler, had lost the entire sum during a trip to the casino. In one evening, Liu’s husband spent all of the gambling winnings. In addition, he contracted new debts.

The results

Playing Cards, Casino, Spade, DiamondsZou’s family did not take advantage of this phenomenal jackpot of $ 1 million won in the 2009 lottery. Unable to put up with her husband’s excesses, Liu filed for a divorce a year later. She left Zou with their 4 year old daughter. The player who had accumulated gambling debts had to flee to escape his creditors. His wife Liu no longer in contact with him does not know where he is hiding.

Zou’s gambling addiction made him a divorced man with no contact with his daughter and on the run. Faced with sacred sums to his creditors, he had no other choice but to disappear. Before gambling ruined it all, man had everything a man could dream of (a family and a good job). The $ 1 million jackpot he pocketed in the lottery only encouraged him to keep playing. This situation has become unbearable for his wife who has decided to divorce, preferring to provide for their daughter’s needs alone.

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