Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile APK (For Android, Windows PC, iOS)

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the best PUBG survival games available for PC, iOS and Android Operating System. It was designed as Mac OS and Windows game by Epic Games in September 2017. However, the iOS version has been launched in April 2018. The users of Android devices would love to play this game on their devices. The APK of this survival game is available now. What if you do not want to spend money to buy this PUBG for your Smartphone? No issues! Don’t spend even a single penny because an absolutely free Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile is free for your Android device.

Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile APK (For Android, Windows PC, iOS)

Why Install APK of an App/Game?


Sometimes, you cannot find your favorite app/game on Google Play Store or Google Play Store does not show it in your country/region. Sometimes, it does not open after installation is over. So, you can get it from any other trustworthy site in APK format. The APK is based on a zip folder in JAR format with “.apk” extension. So, the APK of any game enables you to run the game on an Android OS.

Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile VS Fortnite Battle Royale PUBG

The PUBG comes with a long series of battles where you have to destroy all of your enemies. No one is your friend or mate. Battle Bus contains 100 people who are dropped on a vast island. Now you have to fight with other 99 players to survive. All of the people will fight with other 99 players equally to survive. The last one survived person is considered “Hero” or winner. This is what happens in the Fortnite Battle Royale PUBG. Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile is no more different from the PUBG. It comes with the same cause, same situations and the series of battles.

This is the battle of life and death where you find no teammate. You can survive only if you destroy everyone. There are some safety circles on the island that narrow down time and again to fore you and your opponents to close together. Thus, the fight becomes more deathly and furious.


You can play the game in various modes. If you want to play it in Single mode, you will have 99 opponents. However, you can play in “SQUAD” mode if you want to play the game with your friends. If you want to play the game in 50VS50 mode, it changes the game into Zombie style killing where 50 people are your opponents and 50 are in your favour.

Weapons, Materials and Aiding Machinery

When you are dropped on the Island, the weapons and aiding machinery is distributed randomly. However, when you defeat an opponent, you can acquire his weapons too. So, it becomes a great fun for you to be more powerful by crushing your enemies and by acquiring deadly weapons. When you are on the battlefield, there may be different objects scattered here and there such as wooden planks, metal sheets, stones, etc. You can collect them to build ramps, stairs or bridges for moving ahead.


The game is regularly updated. New patches, events and settings are updated in the game to make it more thrilling and flawless. It provides you with a new thrill every time you play it.


You are given “V-Bucks” in the game that can be used to change the weapon outlook, heroes’ appearance and emotes if you do not like them. Anything you do in the game will take you to the heights of excitement.

On the whole, this epic game gives you more and more excitement while you are proceeding towards your goal.

System Requirements

Category Requirement
Android Version 6.0 or Above
RAM Capacity At Least 2GB
File Size 127.05MB
Latest Version 4.2.0

How to Download & Install Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile APK

Now you can enjoy this adventurous game on your Android devices. This is how you can download and install this thrilling survival game.

Click below button to download the Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile APK.

For Android

For iOS Devices

Now go to “Settings” on your phone and click “Lockscreen & Privacy” category.

Settings Menu

Tap “Unknown Sources” option from here to “Enable” it.

Download from Unknown Sources Option

Now tap the downloaded “APK” of Fortnite Mobile to start the installation.

It will show “Install” option at the bottom. Tap this option to go ahead.

Wait for a couple of minutes until the installation is over. Now, tap “Open” to launch the game.

Here it is! Just enjoy playing the game.