101 Best GBA Games of All Time [2017]


Looking for the best and top-ranking GameBoy Advance games? Here is the list of the best  games of all times that would be surely an extensive one for you as it contains 100+ games. But, the games would run if you got a suitable emulator for them. We already have covered a great post about Android gaming emulators for Smartphones.

Important: You must have a GBA player or console to play the below-mentioned games, you can also play them on PC but the outcome wouldn’t be satisfied, we would recommend you to play these games on a player. Check out these consoles on Amazon.

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1Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is the best game and a perfect combination of Pokemon Saphire and Pokemon Ruby. A wonderful epic journey can be found in the game. It brings a lot more Pokemon for the players that cannot be found in any other versions of Pokemon. You will find so many additional locations and missions in the game.


2Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Intense fans of Goku and his mates would surely want to get Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. It contains the adventures of their favorite character from the root. Although there are 27 supportive characters, but the real adventures can be seen from Goku and his mates. A multiplayer game with one-to-one combat.

3The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

It is an action game that presents the combats of four players, who use swords to fight their opponents. But it can also be played in solo mode as the game has two different modes for your convenience. A great action game that can keep you busy and involved for long hours.

4Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

The game stays in the best 101 Games of all time due to its stunning and cool graphics and a lot of battle combats as the name suggests. You would go crazy to find a chain of actions throughout the game.

5Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

A hefty witch uses black magic and exchanges the speaking power of Princess Peach and put explosives into it. Take Mario and Luigi to the nearby kingdom while chasing your opponent Bowser and vanish the curse. A thrilling game that raises the excitement of players all the time.

6BeyBlade: G-Revolution

Would you stress on your mind to recall the spinning tops that are known as Beyblades? Yes! Its original version can be found here. You can operate the Beyblade in your possession and can enjoy to move it in different ways to damage your enemy’s Beyblade. An exciting game to give you a thrill every moment.

7Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

As the name points, the game lets you get ready to harvest crops. You have sowed the crops and now it’s time to reap it. This one is similar to famous Facebook game, named Farmville. An energizing game where you are a farmer. Your duty is not only to harvest crops but also to breed poultry, livestock and much more excitement. So be ready to play the role of an outstanding farmer.

8Fire Emblem

A game with the challenging and beautiful storyline is here for you. It got a lot of appreciation from the players and thus, it became immensely popular among the gamers. You would be having a team containing characters with special skills and a turn-based combat is going to be held between your team and your opponent team.

9Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green is basically the remake of the original version of Pokemon Blue version that lies in the 1st generation Pokemon versions. It comes with the exceptional storyline and graphics for the players. A wonderful game with lots of similarities with Pokemon Fire Red, but some different storyline can be followed in it.

10Final Fantasy – I

A very interesting combat-style RPG with so many platforms and multiple sequels. The game would give you exceptional thrill till hours. So, install it and pick up the best heroes to form your team against your opponent.

11Grand Theft Auto

As the name suggests, you have to discover and then drive a lot of vehicles including sports cars, trucks, swat vans and even tanks. It is, even more, thrilling when the weather is quite uncertain and strange pedestrians on the pavement. You will get more than a hundred missions in the game.

12Metal Slug

Metal Slug game is considered one of the best GBA games. You will find 4 quite unique levels with a lot of modes. You can toggle between your two central characters by using Hope, Prayer, Love, and Trust, etc.

13Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance introduces classic characters with a lot of levels in the game. Good power levels and cool graphics where you have to play with any of your three mates.

14Fifa 07

Fifa 07 is for the fans of Soccer and it is a kind of sports game that proved to be an outstanding release, though, there were so many sports games available for the players. In spite of having low graphics, the game was immensely popular among the fans of football games.

15Donkey Kong Country

You are assigned to guide Donkey Kong and the other character Diddy Kong to detect all the things, Kremlings had robbed. A wonderful Super NES game from classic era that was redesigned on GBA. The game has a unique save-anywhere function, so you’d not lose anything you’ve played.

16Super Mario Bros

If you love to play Classic NES games, you would surely want to play Super Mario Bros. It gives you the real thrill and you use energy blasters of Samus, bombs and missiles to pass through a very terrible place far from the World. Your aim is to pick-up the energizers and health tanks.

17Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land

Help Kirby to search out Kind Dedede who has gone the wrong way and made the public of Dream Land restless. Kirby has matchless abilities to bring the people in peaceful condition and this is the role, you have to assume. You can transform Kirby into more than 20 different and unique, but funny shapes.

18Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2

A game where you will find 3 modes, drift, drag and circuit to add more thrill to your racing competitions. You can tune your car for a good performance and cars from the top manufacturers are added in it.

19Mega Man Zero


Mega Man Zero consists of hundred years of action where you have to help a scientist known as Ciel. You will find the game one of the most interesting and one of the most popular games you never played.

20Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario returned for its crazy fans with eight very unique characters and above forty tracks. It is a multiplayer game where you can play with three of your mates. The game can be played in two different modes i.e. Time Trial and Grand Prix.

21Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

The newer version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. You would love to do a traditional harvesting and breeding of the cattle and poultry with new events and small, but unique episodes of the game. Old friends revisit you.

22Donkey Kong Country 2

The hardcore fans of Donkey Kong Country would surely want to get its newer version that is Donkey Kong Country 2. You and one of your mates can adopt the roles of Dixie Kong and Diddy Kong to evaluate your skills. You can have a running competition with your friends to see who runs fastest. If you want to play the game individually, go ahead and play it in solo mode.

23Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

Follow a lot of missions in Lego Star Wars and face the most dangerous menaces far from your planet. You and your companion have to fight with lots of duels. It has been designed in a two-players mode where you and your friend have to use their entire energy to capture the LEGO world.

24Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2

You would be expecting this game as the next version of Super Mario, but this is not the case. This is quite a different version and there is no similarity in both of these versions. Here, you have to collect coins to get power to pass through all of the levels. It consists of 96 levels.

25Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Kirby is trapped in a region of mirrors where you have to use his mobile phone and call any of your mates to help Kirby in finding out his way out of this wondrous land. It has two modes and you can play it in solo mode if you want so or play it with your mates to enjoy its action.

26Ultimate Spider-Man

Technology and the 3D comic have been linked together to experience this much thrill and to make the comic alive. You will experience massive environments in the game to defend yourself and compete with your enemies.

27Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

A multiplayer game where you and your mates will open a tomb from old times and the magical spell transforms their place into a town of magic and swords. Now, you and your mates have to follow the action and save yourselves from magic spells. Battles and swords are everywhere.

28Donkey Kong Country 3

This great game has been designed with two different characters Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong. You have to employ some distinctive techniques to defeat your opponents. You can use helicopter spinning or water skipping technique. An interesting game where you have to explore the depth of Pacific and the heights of the trees.

29Yu-Gi-Oh The Sacred Cards

Japanese game series with more than 900 cards to make a choice from and more than 100 duelists. You will find three unique trading cards in the game to make it more interesting.

30Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4 has multiple characters and all are classic. It has 20 levels with a number of mazes for you. A super GBA game with high-quality graphics and you would love to indulge in this solo player action game.

31Fifa World Cup Germany 2006

A great sports-based game for the crazy lovers of football. It is an exciting game with a lot of similarities to Fifa 07, but this game is designed with an intensive focus on the World Cup. In spite of its low-quality graphics, you are unable to divert your attention while playing it. You can enjoy playing this game with your fellow players.

32F1 2002

In 2002, a great and high-quality visuals could not be imagined, but F1 2002 gave the unexpected impression to the public. It consists of the racing competition and action of the racing cars. You would surely enjoy this action plus exciting car racing game. Buy F1 2002 if you are crazy for racing games.

33MS. Pac-Man

It consists of Pole Position, Galaga, Dig Dug and Ms. Pac-Man and you would surely remember Pac-Man game that fills excitement in you and make you more anxious to complete the game.

34Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force

Recall the superb and the most freshening moments of the trilogy and assume the character of Jedi to compete Boba Fett and Darth Vader. You have to show the skills and qualities of Jedi by using various high technology weapons. It is a wonderful game with a series of battles. It’s a multiplayer game for you and your friends to enjoy real combats.

35Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

You are equipped with various cards that should be combined to get new spells, tactics, and skills. You can call your mates from the Kingdom Hearts original World by combining some specific cards given to you. If you are crazy for Final Fantasy and Disney characters, you would love to play this game.

36Crash and Spyro Super Pack

It has more than 40 levels and tons of action for you in 8 very cool environments. You can play this game as Coco, Crash or Crunch. You would find 3 different kinds of crates to use and you can use two kinds of movements including Super slide and rocket jump in the game.

37Capcom Classics Mini Mix

Follow the commando action against BADDs and KILLT for your pal Super Joe’s security. You will be anxious to become a bionic commando in the game whose arm enables you to navigate all the movements. You have been assigned super moves and the best energizers in this game to fulfill your aims.

38Spyro: Season of Ice

A cool game with a lot of amazement and enjoyment for you. Yes! For you because it is a one-player game with a lot of action and a wide range of classic characters. You have to fight against your enemies that are quite deadly. An action game with super quality graphics wouldn’t be missed for sure.

39Avatar: The Last Airbender

A wonderful game that is played in Multiplayer mode where you and your mates have to follow the rules of Haru, Katara, Sokka and Aang. It gives you lots of excitement while you are exploring the 4 avatar nations and fight against deadly opponents. You will find the best Kung Fu art in the game.

40Final Fantasy – II

Final Fantasy – II is a little bit different version with a number of platforms for the players where they get quite different sequels. In this game, you build a team to compete your enemy in the best possible way. Here is what you will call the real thrill and fantasy for you.

41Tetris Worlds

Have you ever played Tetris’ classic version? Find Tetris Worlds with the same classic version with various modes in seven unique Worlds. You would find it very interesting Gameboy advance game with new thrills and challenges, unlike those you experienced in the classic version. Try it out for an exciting time period.

42Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury

Assume any character among Vegeta, Goten, Goku or Trunks and show the special martial arts abilities hidden in them. You would find very special combinations of arms and weapons in the game. Buu’s Fury is indeed to develop fighting skills.

43Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

A game based on Carl Johnson whose role you have to assume. You would struggle to secure your family and besides, you have to hold the controls of the city, San Andreas.

44One Piece: Dragon Dream

It is all about the dreaming about a cloaked boy playing music beneath the depths of sea water. Robin is the only one, not affected by his music and thus, that is the only character to fight against him.

45Grand Theft Auto 2

You have to complete more than tens of missions with lots of levels. It is a kind of non-linear GP. You and other players play this high-quality game as five different groups. The game gives you the opportunity to save your password.

46Naruto: Ninja Council

The game follows a series of multiple actions where you have to play with your mates as it is a multiplayer game where the story revolves around Sasuke and Naruto.

47Sk8 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

An amusing skating game is here for you to show some unique tricks and stunts. Tony Hawk and some famous characters are back from the original version of Sk8 and a stunning skate can be enjoyed throughout the game with a lot of challenges.

48Super Black Bass Advance

A very calm and peaceful game where you will find no action, but a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere. If you are interested in calm games, it would be the perfect pick for you. You have to select a perfect bait at an accurate time to throw into the water where the fishing could be possible.

49Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Yoshi found a twin stork on his back and now he is determined to reconcile the twins. You have to guide him to get through life-threatening traps, Kamek has laid. A wonderful and very unique storyline with great helping tools. Collect stars, flowers, and coins to make you strong. Buy this exciting game in $79.95.

50Golden Sun

You will find four wonderful magic modes in the game. It can be played in two different styles. You can play it as a solo player and you can even play it in two-players mode. It contains more than ten characters with high-quality graphics.

51James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

The players who love to assume the role of James Bond 007 and to be a spy would definitely love to play this game where they have to work in the same way as does James Bond. It brings the best action series for you.

52Medabots – Metabee Version

If you like to play action games, you will find it a perfect pick for you. With sound graphics and super action series, you will enjoy playing this game for hours and even without a companion, it gives you the same thrilling experience.

53Metroid Fusion

The reckless hunter Samus Aran is now struggling for his life and you have to assume his character to bring him out of the dangers. You will have high tech and classical weapons to be collected to get a score.

54Dragon Quest Monsters – Caravan Heart

The alluring fantasy of Dragon Quest is here to give you more fun and excitement. This is a Japanese version of the original Dragon Quest GBA game.

55Crash Bandicoot

A wonderful game that allows you to enjoy the game as a solo player as it has only one mode. You will find its cool, near-3D graphics are quite unique. Meet the classic characters while playing this game in 20 levels.

56Mario VS Donkey Kong

You have to face dangers and go through multiple obstacles to complete more than a hundred levels with four different moves. You will have fun graphics and cool animation in the game.

57Castlevania – Circle of the Moon

You will find a variety of classic characters in the game. Its graphics are 32-bit supported with cool visualizations. You would surely find its 80 plus spells quite wondrous and would love to play this game again and again.

58Medabots AX Metabee Version

Medabots AX Metabee

Adventure of animated characters involved in continuous action makes this game undoubtedly a part of this great list. Oin Ikki starts his mission for saving his place from evils and becomes a Medafighter. The wonderful game with super quality graphics can be enjoyed for long hours.

59Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

Assume the character of Juste Belmont in the Dracula’s castle where you have to look for the relics of Dracula. A horror game that was never played earlier by anyone. It is full of horror and action on every step.

60Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

It is incredible to have gothic adventures and to face the deadly monsters and to absorb them into yourself to get their powers. It is to discover a terrific truth that is still hidden.

61Super Street Fighter II Turbo

The best action game in two-players mode where you and your mate have to fight against each other. The game has cool and high-quality graphics and the combination of attacks is amazing. Although, it has stylish animation, but the characters are classic.

62Super Puzzle Fighter 2

Super Puzzle Fighter 2

Here you have to connect all of the power gems you collected to form a chain and once, the average gems are lined up properly, you can convert them into power gems. It gives you a chance to invite any of your friends to play with you online.

63Xevious GBA

Xevious GBA

It is a quite similar game like Xenious I, where you collect different energizers to get extra lives. You have to use the energy blasters and missiles of Samus to get out of a dangerous region far from the World.

64Mother 3

A game designed in 2006 and was launched in Japan originally. But later, it was translated in many languages. It has three sequels and different levels. You can play it in one-player mode. The best way to kill your time is to play Mother 3.

65Mario Tennis Power Tour

A simple tennis game where you have to use Donkey Kong’s banana boomerang and Mario’s hammer with a lot of weapons. You would definitely like to play this game with your friends as it is a multiplayer game.

66Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy


The game consists of new characters, cards, and deadly monsters. It consists of more than 1200 cards that are the newest and quite stylish.

67Naruto – Konoha Senki

The game was originally launched in Japan in 2003 and later it was translated into many other languages. You will find Naruto and Konoha’s action and thus, by controlling them you have to show your cunningness.

68Digimon Battle Spirit

A great game of all time, where you will find tons of action and fighting. It is a multiplayer game where you have to fight a combat and a series of battles against deadly and scary enemies.

69WarioWare: Twisted

Warioware is a game with 200 levels and you’ll enjoy a super quality graphics microgame. You have to discover more than 130 souvenirs to get the bonus games, bonus lives, music, and much more.

70WarioWare: Mega Microgames

WarioWare: Mega Microgames

A wonderful series of minigames where you are not allowed to wink your eye for a moment and the battle against a dangerous enemy is going on till the end of each level.

71Need for Speed: Most Wanted

A car racing game with wild speed where you need to speed up your vehicle more and more to win the game with reckless driving. You would love to drive madly while crossing all of the hurdles on your way.

72Pokemon Sapphire

If you want to play Generation 3 versions of Pokemon games, Sapphire is your required version. You will find some specific Pokemons in “Pokemon Sapphire” but if you compare the missions, fights and objectives in Sapphire and Ruby, they are quite similar.

73Pokemon – Version Rouge Feu

If you are a great fan of Pokemon series, you would definitely want to play this game too. It gives you the best thrill throughout the game and thus, you assume Pokemon character.

74Pokemon Version Rubis

Pokemon Version Rubis

An immensely popular Pokemon series with a new era and 135 new Pokemons for the players. You have to face a lot of new challenges, though the action line is quite similar, but the combats vary time to time.

75Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

You will find a wide range of energizers to provide you with sufficient strength. You opt to get more and more coins to obtain extra lives. When you finish each level, a bonus game is given to you.

76Yu-Gi-Oh Reshef of Destruction

A card battle series with the best graphics indeed. It has incredible twists where many thrilling sequels occur to the player. You have to stop the opponent from destroying the World.

77Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul

Here you are provided with more than 10,000 cards individually and you develop a deck from them. You are given some trading cards to face 20 monsters.

78Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006

Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006

The game player is given more than 2000 cards to make a decent deck. You get through challenging series of making decks with 80 cards each.

79Yu-Gi-Oh 7 Trials to Glory

Yu-Gi-Oh 7 Trials to Glory

Just create decks in different ways and in a unique style. You can strengthen your decks and change duelist bonus. Here, you have to set a specific time limit to create decks.

80Super Monkey Ball Jr.

It is very similar to GameCube where you are assigned to operate one monkey out of four as they are moving on while, making axial motion through a hurdling way. It is a multiplayer game with four characters, where you you’ll face 60 challenges.

81Sonic Advance 2

Great game with new and adventurous quests and evading hurdles to cross through. Discover hidden areas to get points.

82Sonic Advance 3

Sonic Advance 3

An exciting game in Sonic Advance series where you pick your favorite characters to form a team. Adventurous platform to collect 7 unique Emeralds.

83Sonic: The Hedgehog Genesis

You will find this Single-player game a very interesting series of mini games. You will find it with super quality graphics for the players. Your friends can share their suggestions only.

84Sonic Battle

Select some popular characters to assume yourself in them for a fight. You are given three special attacking powers and some defending tricks. You can play it in both, the solo and multiplayer modes.

85Pokemon Ruby

Like Pokemon Sapphire, the Ruby version also contains certain special Pokemons and a unique storyline. Although, the missions and aims in this version of Pokemon are quite similar to Pokemon Sapphire, but you will definitely love to play this amazing game.

86Metal Slug Advance

An action game with combats and fights with the soldiers where your life is threatened by bombing. You have to rescue not only yourself but also some hostages.

87Bleach Advance: Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society

It contains tons of fighting and action chances for the players. You have to fight in the form of a team with your opponents. You are given 15 modes of survival in the game.

88Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3

Once again Super Mario and Luigi have to help the people who have been turned into beasts and animals. Become Mario and face Bowser to vanish all of his troublesome activities. A different platform with so many levels is given to you in the game.

89Need for Speed: Underground

Need for Speed: Underground

An earlier version of Need for Speed that came into a series of racing competitions where you can select a racing car from the elite manufacturers and race in the streets of the World’s famous cities. A racing competition where you need more speed.

90Pokemon Fire Red

Like the Pokemon Leaf Green, the Fire Red version of the game also belongs to the 1st Generation games of Pokemon series and the remake of Pokemon Red. Its contains high-quality graphics for the players and the storyline is quite different from the above mentioned Pokemon Leaf Green.

91Spider-Man 2

In Spider-man 2 you defeat your foes and secure lives of other people. You defend your city by assuming the character of Spider-Man. Be a spider-man and use your hidden powers.

92Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace

You can save your password and will be provided with four spider-man costumes in the game and you have to make a selection.

93Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 will surely raise your interest in the one-player Spider-Man 3 game where you have to perform incredible deeds and thus, to punish the evil powers.

94Mega Man Zero 3

Mega Man Zero 3

It is a single-player game with assumed character Mega Man. You find classic thrill and 70 greatly utile elves for your support and to make you brag rights for yourself.

95Mega Man Zero 4

New weapons to fight against your deadly enemies that are 40 in numbers. You have to get through 16 levels. A stirring game for the players who love combats and battles in games.

96Mega Man Zero 2

Mega Man has to get the latent energy to compete his enemies. Unlike other games of this series, this version gives you more thriving levels with the two-player game mode. You can play in solo mode too. Fine quality graphics makes this game worth playing.

97Madden NFL 07

A Football game for the fans of sports games. Although, the graphics of the game are not of high quality, but it indulges you in the paced action so you can keep playing on for hours.

98Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2

BMX suggests that it is about a cycling race with unique stunts. You would find it the most sensational game of BMX series if you compare it with other cycle racing games.

99Astro Boy

Be an Astro boy to fly here and there with X-Ray power that makes your character unique from classics. Come out for a series of action as an Astro Boy and punish your foes in 10 different levels.

100Disney’s Aladdin

A wondrous game with super quality graphics and a very strong storyline, where the main character is Aladdin. He has to secure his city and to get the Princess’ favor by defeating all his foes.

101ChuChu Rocket!

Puzzle game that teases the brain before you step in its levels. You have to collect every mice into the rockets and that should be careful without an alarming cat that is your deadliest enemy in the game.

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